Android Enterprise Recommended gives businesses confidence in selecting, deploying and managing Android devices and services that meet elevated enterprise requirements.

Spend less time searching, evaluating and trouble-shooting and more time building out a successful mobility program that meets your business needs. With
Android Enterprise Recommended, there’s a simple way for businesses to find the best devices and services and put them to work in a consistent manner.
Android Enterprise Recommended establishes best practices and common requirements, backed by a rigorous testing process conducted by Google

The first phase of the program highlights devices thatmeet Android Enterprise Recommended specifications.




Device requirements:

● Minimum hardware specifications
● N+ required
● Unlocked device availability
● +1 dessert upgrades

Bulk device enrollment:
● Zero-touch
● QR code

● 90-day updates for a minimum of three years
User experience:
● Consistent application experience within the Android work profile and on managed devices

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