New Android, iOS, Windows devices and other product news

  1. New Website
  2. Android 9.0 Tablet Ex Zone 1
  3. iOS Tablets and Smartphones Ex Zone 1 and 2
  4. Microsoft Team available for Head Mounted Tablet HMT-1Z1
  5. Windows 10 Tablets Ex Zone 2
  6. Rugged Smartphone, Tablets and Laptops
  7. Smartphones Android Ex Zone 2
  8. New range of CCTV Cameras
  9. Plugs and Sockets
  10. Light Switches Ex Zone 1

1. It’s here! Visit our new website –

We have redesigned our website. Modern design and easier product navigation. The coming months we will also develop our Learning Center with blogs, webinars, use cases related to our products. 

2. Android 9.0 Tablet Ex Zone 1

The new tablet IS930.1 is the world’s most advanced Android tablet approved for use in hazardous area zone 1. It is physically similar to the previous model IS910.1, but includes many technical improvements. A powerful processor, improved camera modules, Bluetooth 5.0, improved modem and a chipset which allows upgrade to new Android versions. Read more…

3. iOS Tablets and Smartphones Ex Zone 1 and 2

Below you find current status of new iOS tablets and smartphones for Ex zone 1 and 2

4. Microsoft Team available for Head Mounted Tablet 

Microsoft Teams are now avaiable for the HMT-1Z1 Head Mounted Tablet. Many field service tasks by firstline workers need them to be 100% hands-free and yet collaborate remotely with an expert for a more efficient repair or fix. RealWear’s voice-operated Android platform integrated with Teams allows field workers to video call with remote experts and show what they see and hear in real-time.
This accelerates the time to resolve issues and reduces the risk of expensive downtime, which is especially helpful given current travel restrictions. Read more…

5. Windows 10 Tablets Ex Zone 2

ExNor presents 3 rugged Windows 10 tablets approved for use in Zone 2 with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 / i5 processors. The tablest have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry and because of that we offer 3 year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty cover as standard.

6. Rugged Smartphone, Tablets and Laptops

Our range of rugged laptops consist of fully rugged convertible Notebook 11,6″ Widescreen Display V110, and a semi rugged notebook 14″ Display S410

Rugged tablets consist of Windows and Android tablets size from 8″ to 14″ displays
Rugged smartphones includes RG725 the beyond military standard smartphone, Push-to-Talk optimised, super clear audio, extra bright torch, long lasting battery. Award winning design! And the Android Go button smartphone RG170. The IP69 sealing technology protects against water, along with dust and shocks so you can work around the clock, whatever the conditions.

7. Smartphones Android Ex Zone 2

We are launching 3 new smartphones approved for Ex zone 2.
  • IS655.2 – Android 9.0 Smartphone 5.5″ HD+ Display, the smartphone combines elegant design and extreme robustness in an intrinsically safe smartphone. 
  • IS530.2  – The zone 2 version of our bestseller IS530.1 
  • IS725.2  – The rugged and reliable Android™ 8.1 smartphone with hugh Push-To-Talk key and PTT channel selector.

8. New range of CCTV Cameras

ExNor’s new range of CCTV Cameras consist of FixedPant/Tilt/Zome (PTZ) and Thermal cameras.

The explosion-proof Full HD cameras is perfect for efficient video surveillance and control of processes in hazardous environments where the atmosphere is potentially explosive due to the presence of inflammable gases or dust, typical of the Oil&Gas and marine or industrial sectors.

9. Plugs and Sockets

Ex DECONTACTOR™ plugs and socket-outlets with integrated switch, designed for hazardous areas range from 20 – 63 Amp.

Metal DX DECONTACTOR™ connectors are designed for hazardous areas, with ‘de’ protection mode. Range from  20-200A

10. Light Switches Ex Zone 1

ROCKER-EX [GD] is a series of DP switches, two-way switches and DP push-buttons for controlling lighting systems in areas classified as zones 1/2 (gas) and 21/22 (dust). Made of sturdy PA6 polyamide charged with glass fiber, they guarantee functionality for temperatures down to -50°C. Available with different number of entrances are available, fitted with M20 caps or polyamide or nickel-plated brass cable glands (for single or armored cable)



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