NexVu: The Intrinsically Safe IoT Sensor Solution
for Hazardous Locations

The safe, secure, IoT Sensor Solution that fits instantly into your hazardous environment

Currently certified to UL913, 8th Ed., Class I II III Div 1 standards, the Aegex NexVu IoT Solution provides real-time insight and situational awareness for hazardous operating environments. With NexVu, organizations are able to monitor multiple critical metrics throughout the facility at the same time, and can see their operational data in a broader context, enabling them to identify potential issues before they start or mitigate challenges at an early stage.

Currently available NexVu sensors:

CO2          Carbon Dioxide
CH4          Methane
O2             Oxygen
H2S        Hydrogen Sulfide
CH3SH   Methyl Mercaptan
NH3         Ammonia
SO2          Sulfur Dioxide
CO          Carbon Monoxide
O3            Ozone
Aegex NexVu IoT Solution is custom-configurable to track data events specific to your business needs. Data is transmitted to the cloud, enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI) and live visualization of operational data to address issues.
Aegex NexVu IoT Solution Components:
• Endpoint
• Battery
• Radio
• Custom combinations based on customer requirements
• “Plug-and-play” design allows custom selection of conditions to monitor
• Easily reconfigure endpoints and sensor nodes to meet specific needs
Solving the Problem of Methane Emissions in Oil & Gas

Current estimates are that 24% of all anthropogenic methane emissions are a result of leaks in the oil & gas industry. Avoiding leaking approximately 20 Million Metric Tons (Mt) or 1.68 Bt of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) (IEA 2020 Methane  Tracker Report) into the atmosphere is achievable with an effective Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program. The Aegex Product for Carbon Emissions Mitigation is a single workflow product for detection and repair.

Low-Cost – NexVu IoT devices pervasively deployed in Upstream operations with high accuracy and near-field monitoring provide critical operational data (pump performance, flow rates, etc.) while monitoring methane and other CO2e emissions. Typical installations assume 8 to 12 parallel sensors at each NexVu location

Advanced analytics and prioritizations of leaks detected and sent to partner field management applications

As alerts occur, the NexVu cloud manages workflows and alerts connected workers to initiate repair services via their aegex10TM tablets

Aegex NexVu, together with our aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablet, provides a complete LDAR Program solution to quickly and accurately address carbon emissions. The timely detection of carbon emissions, coupled with the ability to communicate with workers within hazardous areas of the facility quickly, will significantly improve response time and minimize leak volume per incident.