Bluetooth/GSM Level Measeurement ATEX Zone 1


Efficient level measurement in hazardous areas

The myDatalogGauge is a level meter for fresh, dirty and grey water in ATEX Zone 1. myDatalogGauge is equipped with BLE connectivity and optionally with 3G. With the Smartphone App the myDatalogGauge can be parameterized and the data can be synchronized with the server.

For even greater convenience, a BLE gateway with 3G connectivity is used, which collects data from up to 2 BLE pressure sensors within range and sends them to the central server via 3G.

The sensor is characterised by extremely energy-saving operation. With a transmission interval of more than 24 hours you achieve a maintenance interval of 5 years. At the same time, with a measurement interval of 10 seconds you can immediately react to events based on events.

With the trigger functionality, an alarm or warning is sent to the server independently of the transmission interval if a defined level is exceeded or not reached. In addition, the recording mode can be switched automatically. For example, if the level is exceeded, a faster and finer recording of the levels can be realized.

The pre-calibrated pressure sensors are available in three ordering options:

  • 0-1m with 5m cable
  • 0-3m with 5m cable
  • 0-10m with 12m cable

In addition to the pressure, the myDatalogGauge measures the temperature. The parameterization (setting of offset and trim) is carried out either directly on site via the Smartphone App or via the central server platform.

Product characteristics

  • ATEX certified for zone 1
  • 5 years Maintenance interval
  • 10s measuring interval for event-based alarming
  • Alternative transmission or recording interval when level is exceeded
  • Parameterization via Smartphone App
  • Adjustment of mounting height and trim
  • Acquisition of the temperature
  • Central web platform with API access
  • Up to two BLE gauge pressure sensors per BLE gateway

Level measurement in ATEX Zone 1