Bluetooth/GSM H2S Sensor Applications ATEX Zone 1


A too high H2S concentration in the canalisation may result not only in unpleasant odour, but also be a threat to the plants themselves. Corrosion of metallic components and affected concrete can cause expensive consequential damages or even breakdowns. The health of staff and residents must be protected, as H2S can lead to health damages such as mucosal irritation.

We supports your fight against H2S with a complete package of hardware, software and service.The constant data collection supports operators in detecting damages at a very early stage, in preventing failures and in optimizing processes.

Our partner has years of experience in the field of H2S monitoring. This experience, the knowledge and the feedback from our customers and partners have contributed significantly to the development of the new generation of H2S measurement devices.

Due to a sophisticated maintenance concept the sensor is replaced directly at the measuring site.Therefore, no data gaps arise anymore and you act sustainable with the refill of sensor and battery. The new maintenance concept puts the environment forward, while reducing your costs.

Your data is protected by a comprehensive security concept. Decide for yourself if you need a transfer via UMTS/3Gto a web platform and if you would like to use your device in the ATEX Zone 1.


The new generation of H2S measuring