Bluetooth Sensor Gateway Measeurement ATEX Zone 2 (Zone 1 pending)


Reading and recording of industrial sensors

With the myDatalogLink you record data from a 4-20 mA or 0-2 V sensor. In addition, a supply voltage of 3 V for a sensor is offered. The BLE Link transmits the data via BLE to the BLE Gateway.

The current measured value is shown on the BLE Gateway display. The historical measured values can be read out with the Smartphone App and sent to the central server. For this it is necessary to be within a range of about 20m around the BLE Gateway.

Alternatively, the BLE Gateway is available in a 3G version. The data is automatically transmitted to the central web platform via mobile radio at regular intervals. In this way, further processing or central control can be implemented.

With the integrated battery the myDatalogLink achieves a maintenance interval of up to 5 years with a transmission of > 24 hours.


Product characteristics

  • Readout of sensors with industrial interface, PLC etc.
  • Data transmission via BLE or 3G
  • Central web platform for evaluation and control
  • Device configurable via web platform or app
  • Measuring and transmission cycle adjustable
  • ATEX-certified for Zone 2 (Zone 1 pending)
  • Up to 5 years maintenance interval by transmission > 24 hours
Level measurement in the ATEX Zone1
myDatalogGauge funcitonal overview