CCF2DX80 Atex Enclosure Data Radio IIB

CCF2DX80 enclosure is used for data transmissions in hazardous area zone 1 gas.


Type of protection: II 2 GD Ex d IIB Class of temperature: T6-T3 Protection degree: IP65 Ambient Temp : -20 / +40°C Zone : 1-2 • FlexPower power input options allow for +10 to 24V dc • Serial communication style (RS232 or RS485) is user selectable • Built-in site survey mode enables rapid assessment of a location’s RF transmission properties by one person; hands-free operation and rapid display updates enable efficient antenna placement optimization • Fully symmetric, bidirectional transceivers enable two-way communications and receive acknowledgements • FHSS radios operate and synchronize automatically; no user setup is required; Selectable network IDs reduce interference from collocated networks • Transparent operation adds little latency to serial data; connects seamlessly to Modbus serial networks as a wire replacement • Basic configurable parameters (baud rate, power level) are switch selectable; an AT command set allows control of all user-selectable functions through the serial interface