360° IP Camera with explosion proof design
This compact and lightweight camera has been designed for use in potentially
explosive atmospheres, harsh and hazardous environmental conditions.

The camera housing is manufactured completely from Stainless Steel 316L
which is ideally suited for use within the offshore and onshore environments.
Stainless Steel screws and mounting bracket are incorporated ensuring a
totally corrosion free unit.

This is a unique explosion proof solution integrating world leading 360-degree
surveillance technology that provides Total Situational Awareness with no blind
spots and no moving parts.


Available Models

  • Evolution ExD Indoor Camera
    5MP 360 degree camera, POE
  • Evolution ExD Outdoor Camera
    5MP 360 degree camera, 115VAC / 230VAC, 15W heater
  • Evolution ExD Outdoor Extreme Camera
    5MP 360 degree camera 115VAC / 230VAC & 15W heater, IP connection via cable or via onboard single / multi-mode fibre convertor

Available options

  • Heavy duty wall mount bracket
    Stainless Steel 316L, Weight: 0.8kg Oncam Grandeye part code : OBE-07-ESA
  • Pole mount adapter
    Ø50mm to 150mm, Stainless Steel 316L, Weight: 5kg Oncam Grandeye part code : OBE-08-ESA (Must be used with Wall Bracket : OBE-07-ESA)
  • Ceiling bracket mount adapter
    230mm high, Stainless Steel 316L, Weight: 4kg Oncam Grandeye part code : OBE-09-ESA