GUB…V Aluminum Ex d IIC

GUB…V series enclosures are made of an aluminium alloy body and a cover with a tempered glass round window.


GUB series junction boxes are used as enclosures for electrical equipment that requires a visual interface with the outside. Voltmeters, ammeters and other analogue and digital measuring instruments are typical examples of installations that require a window for taking direct readings. These enclosures are also used to house monitoring instruments such as infra-red photoelectric cells and twilight sensors that provide pulses for control and signalling equipment (opening/ closing, alarms, etc….). Our technical department will decide what size enclosures to use based on your requirements and determine the internal layout so that all the dimensional and electrical parameters prescribed by the certificate are met. We can install equipment to your specifications within the technical limits allowed by the certificate and based on our standard control and signalling devices.