HEL15 LED head torches

HHL could be used in Zone 0,1 and 2. These torches can withstand falls from 4 metres and are waterproof.


Approved by international safety agencies, the HEL15 torch was designed to withstand the most difficult working conditions. The torch is both waterproof and dustproof and can withstand falls from up to 4 metres. This reliable source of light allows operators freedom of both hands. There are four light modes operated by two easily push button switches. These are a beam of high or low intensity white light, a red light for night vision and a green beam for inspections. The light beam can pointed where needed and the comfortable, adjustable head band keeps the torch in position whether it is worn directly on the head or on a safety helmet. The torch is comfortable to wear thanks to the fact that the battery is fitted at the rear of the headband thus offering optimal weight distribution.