Portable ATEX LED Emergency Worklights for Hazardous Areas & Confined Spaces


The SA LUMIN EX LED Emergency Worklight operates as a standard worklight under normal conditions. But when the power supply fails the Emergency Worklight comes into its own. The in-built Lithium-ion battery powers the LEDs giving enough light to show the exit route. The powerful battery will operate the emergency function for up to 90 mins after the power fail. This gives ample time to completely evacuate an area, tank or confined space safely.

The Emergency Worklight has all the design and construction benefits of the standard LED Worklight. It is compact, simple to use, ATEX certified for portable use and has passed a rigorous testing schedule.

This gives assurance that the product can easily cope with the harshest environments.The Emergency LED Worklight can be used on its own, connected together as a daisy chain or added to other SA Worklights to provide a flexible and complete solution to your portable lighting needs.