NEW – LIFEX Lighting Fixtures Zone 1 and 2 ATEX


LifEx series lighting fixtures are the first native LED linear product with an innovative design developed by Cortem Group listening to and interpreting the needs of its customers. A careful product architecture oriented to the optimal management of the total life cycle (circular economy) and to the maximization of the useful life has allowed to obtain a lighting fixture of reduced dimensions, light and easy to install, but robust and long-lasting at the same time.

  • Innovative bracket system, with variable fixing distance, allows for simple installation, easy retrofit and the possibility of rotating the lighting fixture at -30°/0°/+30°.
  • Lumen output up to 15.500lm.
  • Optimally designed and certified according to the installation area.
  • Available in different lengths and with a wide range of voltages and powers.


Aluminium alloy extrusion and end caps, resistant to atmospheric and marine corrosion. Clear part in satin finished glass resistant to shocks, impact and UV rays. Acid and hydrocarbon resistant silicone gaskets. Internal frame in aluminium extrusion. Screws in stainless steel. 





ATEX Zone 2


ATEX Zone 1