NexVu Development Kit

The Aegex NexVu IoT Solution Developer’s KiT contains the basic elements of the NexVu IoT Solution and enables engineers to better understand the NexVu modular design and flexibility for capturing data that enables greater analytics and operational efficiency.


The NexVu Dev Kit includes these components:

  • Endpoint
  • Environmental Node (Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Light)
  • O2 Node
  • CO2 Node
  • GPS Node
  • WLAN Communicator
  • Battery Pack
  • Charging Connector
  • Debug Tool
  • Quick Start Guide and Box
  • aegex10 tablet with Windows 10 Pro
  • aegex10 Docking Station
  • 6-months-free License to Server (on paper)
  • Guide to Power Management
  • Desktop Stand “Ground Mount”
  • Shipping Case