Portable HMT Wireless Screen Projector

Due to the versatility and configurability of the RealWear HMT mini projector, you can easily share the power of the HMT with a group without having to connect to a TV over wifi. 


This Wi-Fi powered LED system projects a whopping 200 Lumens brightness, so you can so you can project the HMT-1 either in the dark or in an ambient-lit space.   The auto-focusing HMT project contains a purpose-built rechargeable 2-hour battery.  The device includes an HDMI cable for wired connections. The convenient mini projector includes a lighted mode and volume controls, including a couple of built-in 1.5-watt speakers with plenty of sound for sharing what you see on the HMT screen with a small group.   

Use cases include: 

  • As an innovation HMT-1 champion, demonstrate the HMT-1 to you internal stakeholders easily, showing what what is seen on the screen onto any screen or any feasible wall surface. 
  • As a RealWear reseller, the HMT mini-projector serves as a great backup if your client doesn’t have access to another display.   
  • If you’re a field engineer, bring your HMT projector with you to replay a video quickly to your valued client to demonstrate your completed tasks. 

Product features:

  • 200 Lumens Brightness 
  • Remote control 
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity 
  • Bluetooth® Enabled 
  • Two built-in speakers 
  • 5 GB Internal Memory 
  • Auto Focus