VIXLU series

Increased safety lighting fixtures for VIXLU series bi-pin fluorescent tubes feature an IP66 fixture with an AISI 304 stain-less steel (AISI 316L on request) body and a tempered shock- and high temperature-resistant glass diffuser.


  • Mechanically very robust
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Fast, safe and easy fluorescent tube change
  • Anti-light pollution flat glass
  • Multi-voltage double channel electronic reactor

This construction method makes them ideal for applications where greater protection is needed against chemically aggressive substances or where there is an elevated risk of accidental physical damage such as in certain areas of the chemical or pharmaceutical industries. They are also ideal for use in paint booths or even more specifically for use in areas where specialised electronic components are made for the aerospace industry. They are recommended for use in highly cor-rosive environments and in areas where water and dust are present or where there are severe variations in climate. Fluorescent tubes that reach the end of their working lives are monitored and turned off by the EOL (End of Life) safety system in compliance with EN 60079-7.