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MFH 'The Bulldog' Portable Fan Heater

The MFH Portable Fan Heater is the world's first truly portable hazardous area fan assisted heater.

The Bulldog combines efficient design with simple functionality to provide a portable heating solution for use in hazardous environments where the atmosphere is classified as Zone 1 or 2 (IIA, IIB & H2). Certified to the new BS EN ISO 80079-36 and BS EN ISO 80079-37 standards for constructional safety, The Bulldog comes ready to ‘plug and play’ with the option of fitting a plug, or hard wiring to an isolator unit. The casing is moulded from a steel reinforced polymer which makes The Bulldog tough and durable. Using adjustable feet, the heater can be angled to allow for flexibility in its positioning and, with its compact design, can be easily stored or transported. The Bulldog can provide a warm stream of air that can be felt meters away, even in ambient temperatures as low as -40°C and up to +40°C. The heater can optionally be fitted with an additional safety device above and beyond the requirements of the certification. The Bulldog is patent pending, application number 1614657.3

Related Products

The bulldog can be supplied with 50mm anti-static castors in place of fixed feet. This allows for easy manoeuvrability of the heater, allowing you to get the heat where you need it.

The isolator will be suitably rated for each heater and can be fitted to The Bulldog with up to 1 x M32 cable entry. Alternatively, the isolator may be mounted remotely which will require additional cable.

Optional mounting bracket to allow for wall positioning. This requires a remote isolator to allow operation of the unit from an accessible position. The bracket is coated mild steel with stainless steel option on request.

An emergency stop button can be supplied loose to be installed in the incoming power supply. This cannot be used in place of an isolator

Flexible ducting to direct warm air can be affixed to the heater using stainless steel mounting bracket available in various lengths. Suitable for use in ambient temperatures as low as -40ºC.

Supplied fitted to the heater, the thermostat can be set up to control the heating elements and motor, or just the heating elements, whichever is preferred.

Exnor can supply a range of hazardous area plugs. If required, both plug and socket can be supplied. Pricing may vary.

BS5467 approved SWA multicore cables, rated for ambient conditions and voltage, can be supplied cut to length with cable glands to allow for installation. Your installer may also advise that cables be fire rated to IEC 60331 and 60332 standards.

Indicating lamps can be fitted to The Bulldog to provide visual indication when the heater is live and energised

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