Total Scores Seamless Business Continuity with Remote Hands-Free Collaboration

Using RealWear hands-free, voice-operated devices running Microsoft Teams allows Total’s La Porte Polypropylene Plant to continue mass producing the raw materials used in the making of, among other things, essential medical supplies such as gowns and face masks. Field operators are using RealWear’s award-winning HMT-1Z1 intrinsically safe headsets clipped onto PPE hard hats in potentially hazardous environments. The solution is integrated with Microsoft Teams, which helps them communicate instantly across the globe with remote experts during times of travel restrictions and social distancing.

RealWear with Microsoft Teams is “A Game Changer” for Total’s Safety and Operational Efficiency

Total’s La Porte plant is the largest single-site polypropylene plant in the North America and produces 2.7 billion pounds of polypropylene per year. In addition to masks and gowns, the pellets are used for food packaging, tapes, carpet yarns, absorbent products, caps and closures, geotextiles, small appliances, housewares, disposables, outdoor furniture and toys.

Outfitting Total’s field operators with ruggedized RealWear headsets enables them to connect with their technical and engineering staff in real-time to quickly diagnose an operational issue or handle a need for equipment maintenance. These field operators are now Connected Workers.

The set-up is simple. Field operators put on the headset and make a Microsoft Teams call with just their voice. They can even have multiple people on Teams at once to look at a problem from all different points of view, sharing screens, displays, data, and more.

According to Total, the use of the wearable solution speeds up and improves technical assistance while enhancing the teams’ responsiveness in a safe manner in case of an unplanned event at their La Porte site.




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