The 4th generation ControlEx has been designed as a result of over 20 years of plug-and-socket experience. Manufactured in Stainless steel, the connectors provide unrivalled durability in hostile environments.


Both ATEX/IECEX, EAC & NEC certified, the connectors are Exd rated with an Ingress Protection rating of IP66 / IP67 and have industry leading DTS01 deluge protection. The wide range of insert variables can handle up to 60 cores. Other improvements include an all-new padlock facility, allowing the connectors to be securely locked to prevent accidental un-plugging of equipment and improved secure cap fixings.

The 4th generation ControlEx maintains many of the original features which made its predecessor extremely popular, including a variable keying system to prevent accidental cross-mating, modular gold-plated field crimpable inserts for ease of wiring and a fully inspectable flameproof barrier providing direct inspection of the flameproof seal.


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